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Garden pumps are a generic term of domestically used pumps. They can either be a submersible pump, or a centrifugal, booster type of pump. Garden Pumps in the centrifugal or booster form can be used to boost your current water supply to the garden or into your house. Submersible pumps can be used in Water features, Ponds, Fountains and Koi ponds. They are all great ways to oxygenate water with air and flowing water which keeps water alive and healthy along with the immediate environment. They add enormous amount of value to a garden, both in aesthetics and life. The movement of water in garden features attracts bird life, frogs and other animals. The movement of any water also prevents the forming of mosquito larvae.

Bigger submersible pumps can also be used to supply or increase the main water feed to the house hold or garden. Considerations on our Garden Pumps have been made in regard to efficiency of electricity usage and durability of products.

Selecting the right pump for the right application is critical. –i.e. can the pump run continuously?

  • Is the pump Submersible or in-line?
  • What fluids the pump can handle.
  • Maximum water temperature that can be pumped.

In cases of irrigation purpose pumps, things like the distance that needs to be pumped, the number of sprinklers needed and the pipe supply size need to be considered.

In cases of increasing the main water supply to the home, consider the following: How many people live there. How many toilets there are? How many baths and showers that will need to operate? How far away the home-stead is from water supply?

Submersible Bio-Filter, Pump and UV Filter

DVW2200-1 Submersible Drainage Pump

DV550AF Submersible Drainage Pump

Submersible Pump 5000L/h